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An intro blog seemed cliché, you have my About Me for that…what I want to do is renew something I wrote a while back, something that will give you a pretty good idea of who you are dealing with and something I know I needed to re-read…and maybe I am not the only one…

I can honestly say I love to seem like I always know what I am doing.

Now that you’ve processed that…realize that THAT is the method behind my madness. Smiling and nodding will get you much further in this world than you realize. So will having common sense and acting from your heart.

Recently, people have been asking me for advice. From beauty to travel and especially career advice…not love, clearly…though if someone would like to trade tips and tricks, I’m game. Thing is, sometimes, I feel like when I look at my career I am looking from the outside in, probably because I always just did what felt right and didn’t do what felt wrong. Lets call it an inner compass dialed for happiness. In this case, last Febuary, it was dialed slightly north and quite east. This considering I am a Los Angeles native currently living in Northern Italy. Now, in the case of perceived beauty, I myself am still learning. However I do believe one absolute truth;  you have to feel comfortable in your own skin to exude beauty and, most importantly, to be you. In the case of applied beauty? That can all be learned, practiced and owned. Oh. And as for travel? Remember that whole “look like you know what you are doing” thing? Exactly.

But in general I have one philosophy I use to guide my life, and I use “guide” lightly…

…set a path and be ready for it to detour…get stuck in the mud…and sometimes hydroplane. Just enjoy the ride. Try everything, committing time to something is much easier when you are in love with not just the idea of it, but the practice as well….and share your dream with everyone because you never know who is listening and who can do something about it. Find out the people who are doing what you want to do and become their friend, let them become your mentor…do not feel like you are competing, you are growing. Somehow they have been more effective that you, admire that and learn from it. Become a person YOU would admire and if your not ready, fake it. Most importantly? Work smart, play hard, be nice and be yourself, it makes it all much easier. Let the universe show you how amazing it can be. Be forward focused but be realistic, be a visionary who has a plan for their future and the openness to allow it to transform beyond what they thought was possible. Lastly? Smile and laugh when you make the “wrong decision” because you just laid another brick on the road to your amazing future.

So join me while I lay my foundation, there is no final destination in life and what fun would it be if there was? (well I suppose there is but stick with me here) There is only a path that keeps on winding with lessons and discoveries around every bend, upward climbs and moments in the sun. Come check in with me at Beauty for the Bohemian Heart not only to see what I am up to but for adaptable beauty tips and tricks, inspiration, product reviews, how-to’s and DIY’s of all kinds, total look consultations, travel tips from a beauty professional living abroad making discoveries, and to have any and all of your questions answered. Added bonus…my mom will be guest writing about everything from vegetarian recipes to eco cleaning to DIY home skin care products. Get ready to play!


disclaimer:: this is not to say I never broke down from being, well, broke, frustrated, feeling unattractive, less than, angry, jealous, bitter, confused, sad, did I mention broke?, sick, lacking health insurance, lonely, worn out, and/or hysterical…but these breakdowns lead to break throughs are part of that amazing process and can’t be ignored.

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