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So….ever thought about giving your hairdresser as a present to a special lady in your life? No not like Warren Beatty did in Shampoo…I am talking about giving your hairstylists tools, “magic potions” and techniques to your loved ones. The BEST part? You can pick up this gift last minute while you are getting your roots touched up or your December 23rd blow dry!

Above are a few pictures from my salon featuring all Paul Mitchell products and two examples of the best present a girl could ask for…other than Warren Beatty circa – whenever.

So this entry is a “double hitter” (as it is speaking to both my clients and my peers)…

1) A few ideas for hairdressers to up revenue, move product and give a special personalized treat to their clients right in time for the holidays!

2) A great idea for all the clients out there to maximize their gift shopping time while looking amazing and even give themselves a gift during this busy season!

…I am of the belief system that the hairdresser and client relationship is one built on a foundation that can sometimes loosen from salon to salon. Clients know they pay our rent and put food on our table and we know that clients depend on us to make their lives easier and their hair beautiful, it is a relationship build on trust, trust that you as clients come back and remain loyal and trust that you as a hairstylist give the best advice possible to the clients putting their needs before the register.

So my idea?

Themed gift bags with 1 on 1 private style lessons with the salons style specialist!


1-2 ProTool – Paul Mitchell has an amazing selection of ProTools, above you can see ones featured here in Italy. My new favorites are the classic ProTools featuring Tarino Tarantino designs to liven up your bathroom and pro-kit!

1-2 Comb or Brush – Professional tools make a huge difference all the way down the the kind of combs and brushes you use…who wants melting plastic and static in their winter waves?? Not me! Try Paul Mitchells Ion Round Brushes…so amazing!! The ion complex is baked into their tools not just painted on…so they last forever and leave the hair healthy, shiny and sans static cling…no Bounce needed!

2-3 products – The easiest part? Paul Mitchell products are color coded….ex. purple for volume, green for skinny locks. Is the budget a little higher and your looking for a little bit of luxury? Try out the new Awapuhi Wild Ginger! You are going to need a shampoo, conditioner, a muscle product (something to give you control of the hair) and a finishing product all geared towards your end result!

The clincher is…all of this is totally customizable by a fantastic hairstylist! Taking into consideration your desired end result and your budget, you can be sure to have a gift that was picked out before the appointments over!

How much is 1 hour of time worth with a hairstylist?

Got your answer? Great! To me it is priceless, but since for everything else there is mastercard…lets keep going.

We have finally gotten to the best part? For all gift bags which meet a minumum dollar amount, a beautiful gift card will be included for a personal 1 hr style session filled with professional tips and tricks using the gifted items!

So now is the moment for our hairstylists in the audience to put this into action tomorrow in the salon…it is the week of  Christmas and Santa gave us 5 full salon days before he comes around on his Sleigh! As for the clients reading…do not be afraid to ask your hairstylist if they could throw togeather a package like this for you, and if they need some pointers…send them me way 🙂 !



Pictured above: Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, Savona

top image: Skinny Love

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny travel kit

Paul Mitchell Italys smoothing iron

Paul Mitchell Protool heat resistent comb

Paul Mitchell Worked Up light hold hair spray

middle images: Gifting Tree and our decoration color palate

bottom image: Dangerous Curves

Paul Mitchell Universal Diffusor

Paul Mitchell Italys Turn Style curling iron

Paul Mitchell Detangling Comb

Paul Mitchells Extra Body sculpting foam

Paul Mitchell® products are sold in over 100,000 U.S. salons and in more than 80 countries worldwide! Since 1987 Paul Mitchell does not conduct or endorse animal testing.