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Warning the below has nothing to do with physical beauty…but instead the beauty inside your home!

I know, I know…I was supposed to take a bunch of pretty pictures of myself with  3 different hair looks and how to’s…and I will, tomorrow. Tonight after a million clients and 10 hrs on my feet… that simply did not sound appealing, niether did showering….cooking….cleaning…taking out the trash…or doing my budget. So instead I took to my make shift craft corner. Because a girls gotta zen somehow.

What I realized whilst mildly debating cleaning and taking out the trash…was how much waste there is during christmas. What I also realized is I had no name tags for my presents under my tree and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Ah the curse of a busy hairstylist.

So here is what I spent my evening doing, me a pizza and a coca light (apparently the delivery boy ignored my regular coke request, I’ll take the hint)…

Cute right?? Well, I love them! They could also be used for a dinner party as place name holders, just change the wrapping paper if it didnt the holidays! Also…a shabby chic christmas tree ornament? a dinner party activity with lots of wine? a way to distract children?

Anyways…here is the run through:

1) supplies: left over scraps of wrapping paper, wine corks, cardboard from boxes your throwing out anyways, glue, sparkles, thread or wire or ribbon, scissors, glue

2) cut equal amounts of cardboard and wrapping paper into desired shape, in this case hearts!

3) glue “marked” side of cardboard to “unmarked” side of wrapping paper…or staple togeather in a cute border for a more crafty look!

4) roll wine corks in glue and the role in sparkles…the point isn’t to drown the cork in sparkles but to give it a “sanded by sparkles” look, while they are drying poke hole in glued together cut outs and string through wire, ribbon or thread leaving enough slack for step 5!

5) wrap extra give around the cork and secure with a bow, if using ribbon use glue to secure onto cork!

6) write your to and from on the blank side of your cut out and hang on presents, use as place holders, wine glass labelers, or decorate your tree!

Have fun and enjoy! Tips for hair coming, but after all…there is much more to me than hair 🙂