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I am truly miserable at being sick.

Please excuse the lack of updates since christmas but….oh great. My post just got deleted.

Lets try this again…

I have been fighting off a gnarly version of a cold since christmas. Now, I say gnarly version of a cold because being from southern california my usual illnesses come from allergies and the occasional food truck purchase gone bad. With that said I also grew up in a household were the most natural cure was the best cure. Basically, chicken soup, propolis and only ricola cough drops. Now I am laying in bed, when I should be at the salon making clients pretty for New Years Eve, experiencing the most horrid combinations of symptoms. It all started with swollen glands on my neck, then a swollen face, soon after a fever and headache which were accompanied by chills and body aches and we can now add one, sore throat odd congestion and some sort of ear pain that leads down the back of my neck and into my eye socket.


Oh. Also, I can’t swallow solid foods. Unfortunantly my brain is also fried, so all blogging will have to be put on hold…as well as apparently the rest of my life…including my love hate relationship with solid food.


For someone not used to taking time to lay in bed and to absolutely nothing, this is no holiday. In the meanwhile I will try to weasel some tips out of my mother on how to brave a cold when you can’t stop your hustle 🙂 Luckily, for a little bit, I can.


No “bacini”…wouldn’t want to get you all sick,