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and by that I do not mean my usual go to’s of yoga, walking or swimming in the ocean and sometimes I need playlists that are not comprised of every song on the Jersey Shore. But it is the New Year and this means that for at least the next 6 weeks I will be attempting some sort of new phsycial lifestyle. To do this I need a horrible combination of electro pop, remixed indie, south central gangta rap, mash-up oldies and soul, power metal circa motley crue, and a few songs that are so dirty they make you envision a toned body doing things toned bodies do….well, if you are not already invisioning it I can’t help you.

Well beauty comes in many forms and with this come many body types. Being in the fashion industry I have seen it all, and only from seeing that have I been able to realize you just have to love the skin your in. So if working out helps you do that and helps you keep that “shell” healthy. Then you bettter work. (thanks Ru Paul)

So here is my edited and shortened workout playlist that wont make your ears bleed protein shake and steroids like most of the rest. Don’t judge, my usual musical musical stylings are of the Bon Iver to Gypsy Kings to Fleetwood Mac variety. But who am I kidding, Pitbull will always be me secret lover and this list will probably still make your ears bleed.


Warm-up- aka “Am I really doing this?”


Heartbeats – The Knife

Phenomena – Yeahyeahyeahs

Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

When you Wasnt Famous – The Streets

Knock em out – Lily Allen

Rolling in the Deep – Adele Jamie XX remix

Cardio aka “What is that metal taste in my mouth?”

Liar (it takes one to know one) – Taking Back Sunday

Blocparty Helicopter remix – Steve Aoki

Bon Bon – Pit bBll

THE hardest ever – Will.i.am

Artist in the Ambulance – Thrice

Ima Playa- Tech 9

Fembot – Robyn

Sexy and I know it – LMFAO

We R who we R – Kesha

Date with the night – yeahyeahyeahs

Power – Kanye West

You give love a bad name – Bon Jovi

Boys – MIA

Interval Sets and Reps aka “Who thought burpees were good ideas?”

Lollipop remix – Framing Hanley

The Party – Justice feat. Uffie

Galang – MIA

Sweet Cherry Pie – Whitesnake

Look at me now – Chris Brown

Work it – Missy Elliot

Dirty – Christina Aguilara

99 Problems – Jay Z

Amili – Lil Wayne

Regulate – Warren G

Rude Boy – Rihanna

I know you want me – Pit Bull

My Chick Bad – Ludacris

Cool Down aka “The part I usually skip but shouldn’t” or “In yoga we lay down for this.”

Sound of Settling – Death Cab for Cutie

Homecoming – Kanye West

Its Love – Chris Knox


These have also turned into…”I am walking somewhere and I am awesome” and “I’m gonna get tipsy toniiiight” playlists. You are welcome.