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‘One Size Fits All’ in V Magazine

Which woman is “real”? BOTH.

It is a heavy topic. Puns intended throughout this entry because I feel the need to keep it light. But really, I have been inspired by the “real woman” love I have seen travelling through our online world in the last month, which started to growth about a year ago. What I mean by this is between the Dove campaign to the 2011 cover of Italian Vogue featuring 3 “curvy” models to todays abundance of articles that popped up on my Facebook, we as a society have begun to realize that beauty is not one size fits all.

I know everyone must feel as if this has been hammered into their heads. “Women come in all shapes and sizes”, “Real women have curves” , “Real women eat” and so on and so forth. However, this does not mean that we are magically erasing years of training that our current influential generation has been put through. We all think that society is moving towards this fantastic place where a girl does not have to try her first crash diet before her first cycle or be positive she is single because her stomach folds when she sits down. Most likely, we are, but we are leaving a few key realities out.  Now, I do have a few beliefs of my own to point out on the subject of kilos and curves. After all, we all know of full of it them, beliefs that is.

  1. Real women are not determined on their abundance of or lack of curves. No need to elaborate on this.
  2. Nor are they to be determined on their internal or external femininity, liking of skirts and heals and blowdrys, ability to cook and clean, or desire to mother. But that is a whole other argument.
  3. Real women eat. Yes, real women! They eat raw, they eat Mc Donalds, they eat vegan, they eat baby back ribs, they eat yogurt, they eat pasta, they eat salads, they eat fried Twinkies.  A woman eating a salad does not mean she is on a diet, it means she wanted a salad. Similarly, a woman eating said fried Twinkie does not mean she is let herself go, it means she wanted a fried Twinkie. Are you getting where I am going with this? Real living people eat, WHAT they eat is entirely up to them.
  4. The “ideal woman” that existed during the time of the pin-up girl had a stuffed bra and a type of corset on, she was also usually photographed in black and white and often painted to achieve those colored images we see or even drawn from a live model. As for black and white movies and images? B & W images are much more flattering and created an ideal image of a woman. The colors she wore and the lighting did not risk her looking ten lbs heavier or accentuating her cellulite. She was also between a size 8 and 12 but often depicted as a 4-6. THAT, right there, is how many years of female reality blurring we are dealing with. Photoshop did not ruin societies perception of females, we did.
  5. Real women literally do come in all shapes and sizes, this means that a BMI test which simply creates a number based off of your height, weight and age should not be your “guiding light”.  Nutritionists can write me hate mail as can personal trainers but in all reality online BMI tests are absurd. This should be thrown out along with that scale in your bathroom and the size 2 jeans you bought on sale and are hoping to one day fit into. One size fits all does not exist and neither does a perfect weight for a certain height so, stop it.
  6. Cellulite is an unfortunate condition that however does not necessarily mean you are fat. Keep calm and move on. Seriously. As for the men? yes we have fat cells that do crazy things, but if you dont mind it in the boobs and the butt…deal with a few dimples here and there. Usually it is a package deal which most real women have, no matter what magazines tell you.
  7. Real women can have linebacker shoulders made for blazers, and real women can have chicken legs designed for skinny jeans. Real women can wear a tight dress one day and look tiny and a baggy sweater the next day and look “obese” all because of a round face and bone structure. Trust me, I know. Real women can wear what they want and rock it and should not be judged why how many kilos may be underneath those clothes. Real women are real people, not hangers.
  8. Real women can have beer bellys as well as 12 packs as well as flat definition-less tummys as well as hip bones and large rib cages.
  9. Not all curvy women have real C cups and above and not all buxom blessed skinny women have had a breast augmentation. Also true, not all women with large breasts like to be ogled for just that, and not all smaller chested girls mind if you looked down every once in a while and many do not wish they had big boobs. Some real women have fake boobs, some real women have no boobs – they are still real women.
  10. Lastly, not every real women above a size 2 is looking to lose some weight. Some of us are just fine being healthy and maintaining what we are. Oh, if we gain a pound or two? The pizza and beer were most definently always worth it.

So, in closing, power to the models our society has deemed plus size and power to those with the size zero hips. Until we as women love each other, every curve, bone, dimple and wrinkle, we will continue to create little girls who feel like they are not “right” and little boys (or girls) who like what they think they are supposed to. We should concentrate our efforts on empowering all women, through thick and thin.

A few words from Plus Sized model Crystal Renn:

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