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Blame it on Adele or blame it on Brigitte Bardot being on my dream board, but either way I have a completely healthy obsession with what I refer to as wing tip eyeliner, commonly known as cat eye. Yes, that statement just came out of my brain and no, I did not copy it from “$h*t new age, yoga, beauty bloggers living abroad say”. This … fixation … may have a few other causes…

  • I once thought I was born into the wrong nationality and religion, the right one being indian and hindu. Now that you have processed that, know that I studied India like it was my job and even learned a little bit of hindi. One thing I was always taken by were the beautiful eyes of the women a saw, all lined in jet black kohl.
  • I also once thought I was born in the wrong time period, the right one being the late 60’s. I longed to wear my hair in a deconstructed 50’s style….a time stuck between the volume of the 50’s and the lack of shampoo and hair cuts of the 70’s seemed ideal. Not to mention the cat eyes, textiles and amazing music. However after now having lived in a male dominated country I can tell you I would not have made a very good secretary, so, moving on.
  • I believe that a blonde with black maschera and black eyeliner can secretly rule the world, I am pretty sure Evita and James Bond taught me this.

So can you blame me for this not so newly found obsession? I have basically been training for it since I was 10 and wearing a bindi.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the circus of images that make up the inner workings of my brain. Luckily magazines seem to agree with my current adoration and are featuring the wing tip in numerous editorials, 4 of which are pictured above. SO! Which wing works for you? I do not usually wear a ton of make-up unless I am going for a “look”. However, tonight I went for the look featured in KURV magazine sans eye shadow. A little Brigitte and a little beer…sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!

  • base, maschera and eyebrows done first! (check in soon for a peek into my make-up bag!)
  • eyes prepped with TIME BALM concealer, this gives me flexibility so that if i make a booboo to easily erase!
  • liquid eyeliner by MAC, their classic one, it has a solid tip which makes outlining my cat eye easy, the key is to make the line straight while your eye is either completely or 3/4s closed without overly stretching it taught and be careful how far you extend you can easily go from cat to egyptian sphinx. Let that “outline” dry and next outline your lashes, let that dry- then fill it in, let that dry….open your eye and the wing forms itself with the shape of your eye lid.
  • for the inner lash line use a normal black eye pencil (to be honest, I have yet to find one a adore like classic Indian KOHL but…) try Benefits as it doesn’t smudge and stain
  • for a shiny black over lay try Lord and Berry’s INK GLAM, but I would skip out if you like the vintage vibe.
  • Lastly- take pictures with webcam in your moms kitchen, edit your images with Picasa and boom. Sepia all the way 🙂


Brigitte, Beers and Bacini,