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Puns always intended.

You didn’t think that just because I live all the way across the pond (and then some) that I would hesitate reviewing Golden Globes hair, right? Well, this is a review, and a how to, and a my take on it all in one entry.

First of all, Modern Salon had it right, Headbands and Buns ruled the red carpet. Did I just use that phrase in real life? Lord. Anyways, classy is my word of choice for this years Golden Globes. What do I mean by this? The true winners were the actresses who chose to return back to the roots of red carpet hair, the updo. The upstyles were a variety of “buns” and “sleek ponies” with most volumes concentrate in 50’s and 60’s positions(a.k.a. above the occipital – the large round part on the back of your head, but not further forward than your apex – the highest point of your head) Not overly exaggerated and not super deconstructed like we have been seeing, the “flair” and personalization was at max added with hair accessories varying from fabric to jewels and slight waves. Now, luckily, we already know how to do a perfect sleek pony of varying holds…aren’t you glad I posted that?? Anyways, playing with alternative hair accessories and “up-dos” can be tricky…especially finding our place between the red carpet and editorial images…and not landing in prom-ville.

So between the images up top…and the one right above…I came up with my hair look for today. The image below inspires me beyond words! It was greeted by Odile Gilbert for a piece written about her career in Allure magazine and I lovelovelove it. Two of my greatest loves are textiles (my major in college) and hair…this combined the two in a flawless way. Now the next time I have creative freedom on set I would love to play with this idea, but in the meanwhile I decided instead to incorporate come fabric into my hair today! I went out and about around town and must admit it felt may better than having a regular messy bun…fancyschmancy and easy peasy!

you like?

Having some video uploading issues…how do we feel about stills and step by steps?

I am going to go ahead and get to that….

It let me upload! but…no editing….I will figure this out before the next vlog but for now..enjoy all the non edited bloopers and me figureing out that the camera is not mirror image! Also…going to start shooting this NOT on webcam…ahhh discoveries.

A dopo (see you later),