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a metaphysical belief that “like attracts like”? yes

the idea that positivity creates more positivity and negativity creates more negativity? yes

something that is easy to implement when things are fantastic? yes

something that gets tricky to have faith in when things go down the pooper? absofrickinlutely.

Solution? meet every obstacle and new venture with a little inspiration and a dreamboard.

When 2012 started I knew I had many adventures ahead of me and many goals to accomplish. Sometimes all of this ambition can seem a little daunting, and sometimes we let other sides of our life trail behind when our focus is not balanced. Targeting your positive energy and thoughts is great…but not when you turn a blind eye to other important things in life. Creating a dreamboard maps out your year and gives you time to sit down and think about all facets of it. Example, if you are extremely career oriented you may set all these great goals and then half way through the year wonder why your love life doesn’t exist and you do not speak to 50% of the people on your friends list. alternatively, you could decide that you need to improve your social life and physical appearance, but suddenly your productivity at work slides and you passed a year not moving forward.  For me, a dreamboard is a way to organize our aspirations and give them each ten percent shift’s until we reach that “mecca” we have mapped out. Speaking realistically, no, a collage will not make all of your problems go away… but thinking of them as challenges as hurtles on the way to a destination helps…kicking and screaming does not (not to say I have not done my fair share in my twentysomething years).

So once I rang in 2012 I knew what I needed to do. I spent a few days detoxing my life and dreamboarding and realized many things about myself. Goals I had already accomplished and ones that got lost in the mix, new likes and dislikes and most importantly new dreams that needed a foundation. Not to mention that in the past few years I had accomplished so much I had NOTHING to be negative about no matter what my eager beaver self was saying. Ew, I detest that term…but….for lack of a better one…it shall stay.

With advice and help from a friend I was told that it is best to divide your life into important categories which will usually look something like this… (thanks Jasmine!)

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • financial
  • emotional
  • professional
  • adventure
  • intellectual

…now, yours may vary! My topis where pretty similar and so they varied less and blurred into each other more. Another thing I did was throwing in a few power phrases which applied to everything and which now catch my eye as soon as I glance at my dreamboard. This year when picking colors I went for bold, warm, hot tones…I wanted to spotlight my dreams and light 2012 on fire…in a good way.

No dreams are too big or too small for a dream board as long as they are what you want. I will not go into decoding my whole dream board, but I will tell you this….48 hours after placing VOGUE in my professional section….my work was on Vogue.it’s online photosection. Call it a placebo, call it a coincidence…but it was not the only serendipitous event that has occurred after a little manifesting and dreamboarding.

Dreamboarding assists manifesting. For those of us who many times can’t seem to stop their brain from thinking “but….” a dreamboard coherces us to concentrate on those dreams while we create it, and even that hour…even those 5 seconds we see it each day in front of us…open doors. Doors that lead to new career opportunities, new love and new adventures!

So gut out your 2011 magazines and bring out the glitter pens…your dreams are waiting for you! Add to your dreamboard through the year or create mini ones once you already accomplish goals…dreamboarding is a D.I.Y.F.Y. project! Do it yourself, for yourself!

My dreamboarding needs:

crafts: an awesome poster board, magazines galore, puffy writing pens, tacky glue

music: peter bjorn and john, matisyahu, jovanotti

food: kettle corn!

drink: chai latte

clothing: pj’s!

now get to it! (if you want 😀 )