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I am proud to be a hairstylist. The day I passed my state board exam for the state of california was one of the best days of my life, it was the opening of many doors and something that set me apart. That piece of paper stated that not only had I spent 1600 “clocked in” hours of my life learning the craft I love, but it meant that I had done so in a way in which my state acknowledged my proficiency while reminding me that they would check back in.

Those 1600 hours covered not only how to be a hairstylist but how to be a cosmetologist. I learned manicuring, pedicuring, make-up, facials, massage and much more. With those things came learning about chemistry, color theory, skin diseases, hair types, ph levels, nail diseases and disorders, face shapes, skin types, bacteria, business, career building, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair styling, hair textures, consultations with clients and much much more.

That license meant that I was to uphold everything I had learned and to never knowingly put my clients in jeopardy. That license was my VIP pass into the world of beauty.

When people ask me what I majored in during my college education, I rarely reply “Fine Arts, Textiles”, instead I reply “cosmetology”. THAT is how proud I am of my 1600 hours and of that piece of paper.

When you walk into your cosmetologist boutique, be them a manicurist, hairstylist, or facialist, and you place your faith in them to make you beautiful…does the thought that a simple lack of knowledge could change your life forever? Lets forget about an overly shellacked up do, overly thin eye brows or nail polish that chips within moments. Instead lets consider, damaged hair follicles, nail bed infections, burnt and scarred faces or permanent blinding.

Would you let a doctor without a license practice on you? How about the contractor building your dream home, can he start without having proof of a license? How important is a cosmetologist license to you? Hopefully, more important than it is to the State of Indiana.

The State of Indiana is currently considering deregulating the cosmetology industry, and word has it they are not the only one. You do not have to be a cosmetologist to sign this petition and you especially should not have to be one to care about this issue. Imagine the next time you switch hairstylist not knowing if the girl bleaching your roots has been trained or simply thought it would be fun to be a hairstylist. Even schools follow board regulations for cosmetology. Support your stylist, esthetician, and barber and sign this petition:



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p.s. it gets voted on tomorrow so hurry!