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So I am in the market for some new awesome set gear and would prefer something that does NOT resemble a fanny pack. My last trusty hip belt was not meant for the industry and after two faithful years looks like it came to life  from a hard drug induced death during the 1970’s. I scored that beauty at a store in Los Angeles on Ventura Blvd named Handmade and it was by a San Francisco based brand Tokyobay. Over time I kept thinking to myself “this bag is perfect, but its going to get ruined and its compartments aren’t quite right, I wish someone would make industry gear as cute and colorful as these, without crazy mass production and ugly fabrics”. Maybe I didn’t think that exact statement, but it is a pretty close reenactment. Low and behold it took a few amazing Los Angeleno artists to create Industry Belts and Bags.  I am so excited about this line because I finally have somewhere to send people when they ask me where to get great set pieces that make life easier!

Industry Belts and Bags creates unisex pieces tailored to the different facets of our industry…hairstylist, make-up artist, fashion stylist, and production crews. They are super functional and cute…not to mention that they keep adding new merch! Industry Belts and Bags will be showing at ISSE,  the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach. Go check them out…ask for Siouxzen and tell her Nicoletta sent you!


Have fun at ISSE!