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You realize you havent aged a day in sixish years. Me on the right at 18…me on the left tonight.

key differences other than a seriously unhealthy tanning salon addiction? Career I love, no bad boy boyfriends, I turn in projects on time and I no longer talley shots. Aww, I would go back and change the tanning habit…but the rest was all so necesary and made for a memorable 18th year. Academy of Art, you made for some great memories … plastics, barbies, scene kids and all. By the way…can I have my metabolism back too?

That tanning thing reminds me…check out this video…it includes a super important message that your mother has been telling you for years…

Dear 16 year old me…

warning: may induce tears

Tonight will be spent reminiscing! Lets see your time lapse pictures! What would you tell you at 16, 17 or 18 years old??