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So pretty much any artist knows that the better the canvas the better the result. A “good canvas’ ” traits will vary depending on final desired result and so in the material art world we have many different options ranging from fabrics to mediums and everything in between. In the hair world a good canvas can also vary depending on your targeted look. But…lets face it…there is one world where a good canvas is a good canvas is a good canvas. Ummmmm your face! I tried giving you a clue…

Priming your face before your make-up application can make or break your skill set! Not only will it make your make-up last longer but it will make for a smoother more balanced application. I have to admit my love for primer started about two years ago when I saw a Make-up Artist on set with me patting this vaseline like substance onto the models face (warning:: do not try to sub primer with vaseline….no bueno!). I kept thinking to myself…”I didn’t know we were going for dewy…” but once the makeup was applied this girl (already beautiful) looked absolutely flawless and her base lasted for a whole 10 hour shoot!

I have tried a plethora of primers and have most def found my favorites. Now, I am all about options here so I will clue you guys into my top 2. I have to say that my first primer came from the company TARTE. They are a vegan company I absolutely adore. Their primer is called Clean Slate and is thicker than most you find…which I thought was great for those areas that have some bumpies or evident pores or even…gasp…wrinkles. Price point is affordable (about 30 usd for ever oz) and a little goes a long way. Their products however are not available much on the international scale

image from sephora.com

While I was getting ready to move to Italy and knew I would not be able to find Clean Slate, a friend in Los Angeles recommended to me Mirabella’s PRIME. Mirabella is an amazing line of cosmetics sold in professional beauty salons internationally. What’s cool about them is they use the Fitzpatrick scale to find your perfect make-up “palate” and their products are all mineral based. Prime is perfect for skin and eyes because it isn’t thick and is easily worked into the skin. I usually pat it on my trouble pore areas so they get the most product it can minimize those while i work it into the rest of my face. It goes perfectly under any sort of foundation, I usually use a loose powder, and is a fantab helper for eyeshadow if your eyelids do not hold pigment well! The price point is pretty average in the market of primer at about 30 usd per 0.5 oz tube and well worth every penny!

What do you think? Ready to try a primer? Such a simple make-up step that could really make a difference in your daily look! Protecting your skin and evening our your canvas…winwin. Also…imagine how much you save not having to re-apply/touch up your makeup 2-3 times a day!