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Okay, so again…I have been pretty fortunate because this year mother nature decided to give Liguria, Italy a odly warm winter…well, mother nature or global warming. However, the temperatures would still be considered cold for Los Angeles so I have been bundling in winter fashions…and destroying my hair with constant heat styling. Now, we all know I lopped off about 8 inches of length (no, not by choice. grrrr) and that I cut a swoopylicious side fringe…thing is I love me some beach hair esp on my off days. Being from sunny Los Angeles beach hair was acceptable as a daily look and you could achieve by…going, well, to the beach any time of year, almost. Not so much in places with 4 seasons.

Below I have listed my 3 must haves for beach-y hair…

1- Your secret weapon:

The amazing awapuhi styling treatment oil by Paul Mitchell. This oil is unlike every other because it does not weigh down and make our hair greasy…plus it smells like….amazingness, also knows as ginger snaps. It gives you the edge to having silky beach hair…instead of a frizzy crazy cabriolet (convertible car) mess.

2- Your key ingredient:

The same awapuhi line offers your newest addiction. Texturizing sea spray is an amazing that gives your hair that beachy result without the dirty feeling…just enough texture to make you look like the mermaid you were meant to be. Just a few spritzes of product and your on your way to being a modern-day Annette Funicello.

3- Your magic wand:

So, diffusers come in many shapes and sizes, including “hot socks”, but they generally look like the above picture. The diffuser dries your hair without a direct flow of air which alters the curl or wave pattern, in other words…it “diffuses the air”. Recommending a diffuser is like recommending a nozzle for your vaccum…it is going to depend on your model. Some beauty supplies and even Paul Mitchell in Italy offer what is called a “universal” diffuser. This means that the area where you place the nozzle is adjustable, in my opinion these are the best option if you switch blow dryer often or travel. However if you religiously use the same trusty blow dryer, like me, I suggest getting the one made specifically for your model.

Tune back in for my second blog attempt with a tutorial for diffusing your hair at home!

Is it summer yet?