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I have to admit it. I am not a big fan of my haircut.

We have ALLL had these moments, yes even us hair stylists! Usually it is fault of miscommunication on one of the two parties, or simply a hasty idea (ahem). Luckily hair does grow (and especially with the help of BIOTIN).  With that said, one must make the best of it…espcially when one does others hair for a living….

Now other than biotin, scalp massages and keeping yourself and you hair healthy I can’t really give you much advice on growing hair at lightening speed. However we may as well find some light in this tunnel, no?

Here are a few of my tips to getting to like your hair…

Wash it with a clarifying shampoo and deep condition it.

Often we hear people say “I always like my hair a few weeks after I get it cut”. There are a few reasons for this…a) it grows a bit…b) you get used to it…c)it “settles”. With my crazy hair the last is usually the helper. After a few weeks of flat ironing and blow drying your hair starts to adapt to a sort of memory of where it lives…it also starts to get a little damaged again due to elements and heat styling. I am not saying to damage your hair to like it better, but the opposite, give it some love and soften it up.

Style it a different way every day.

Lets face it, you were used to your old hair…you knew how to “wing it” when you had little time in the morning. You knew what it looked like right out of a messy bun and how you liked it blown out. Well, your new hair is a stranger so start your introductions. Maybe your “go-to” style no longer works….but another one will. Try diffusing it, flat ironing it (turned in and out), curling it, flat iron curling it, beachy styles, braids, pony tails etcetcetc…by the time you try all these…you’ll probably need a trim….

Blow it out.

Hairstylist exist for reasons other than ruining your life by cutting off too much hair. I PROMISE, at least I do. Treat yourself to a few blow-outs. If your budget is low try a beauty school, if medium try a blow dry bar (uber trendy chic in metropolitan citys), if your budget doesn’t matter…(consider really good extensions?). A blowdry from a new hairstylist will always give you a good shift of perspective…see how they would style that same hair cut, or bring in pictures and pay attention to how they make that look happen.

Say cheese.

In the age of facebook the best way to figure out if you like your hair is through pictures…so take a few snaps from a variety of angles each time you style your hair differently until you find something you like. I for example have realized…I would burn my smoothing iron if I didn’t need it for my job and my hippie hair no longer works at this length with these bangs. However I have fallen back in love with my hot rollers and Paul Mitchells Express Ion Curl XL . . .

R to L: Hydromist Blowout Spray, Super Skinny Serum, 427 Paddle Brush, Express Ion Dry V.2, Hot off the Press, Express Ion Round XL, Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray, ME!

All descriptions (except mine) and salon locator found at www.paulmitchell.com 

P.S. I still do not love my hair cut. We’re working on our relationship “its complicated”.


Nicoletta (and her bangs)