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Today I was…yup I am about to say it…”pinning“, because you know…it isn’t like we already had enough social networking media outlet watchumacallits. Anyways, I was pinning…and no not for my future wedding to the man I have yet to meet but instead for inspiration. Anywhooo,  I decided to take a break to see what Who’s Jack was posting…and sure enough there was a beautiful image which pretty much summed up my current color inspiration. So, naturally, I pinned it. . .

   Source: whosjack.org via Nicoletta on Pinterest

…This got me to thinking about my spring color palate. I am really drawn by muted pastels with pops of more vibrant colors over a base of neutrals with antique silver touches (sometimes I like to sound fancy, pinky up!). Does this mean I am going to overhaul my wardrobe/redecorate my house? Absolutely not. I do have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with colors. I think, breath and function by planning out color palates for rooms, outfits, make-up, even mix-matched suitcase sets. We have relationships, horrible break-ups…and sometimes do not talk for years. One day you come across each other and the love is renewed. This is my story with the following color palate I have decided to lay out for you guys. Silver and I have never been close, I have always preferred gold…as for that muted hot pink, we broke up circa 4th grade and I never turned back. Various versions of teal and tangerine have stuck around for a few years and naturally neutrals are in it for the long haul. Now, black will always have a place in my heart, but lately black doesn’t make me look so great and our relationship has become toxic. Again, does this mean I am throwing out my amazing black Paul Mitchell wardrobe? No, but…we can always jazz it up (yes, jazz it up).

Basically, I am ditching the ethnic and tribal tones for something a little lighter and brighter…I have a tendency to lean-to the dark side so, lets see how long this relationship lasts (sarcasm). One thing I can say, is that my complete coincidence while searching for colors to piece into my image…I stumbled upon Pantones page and let me tell you…my 7th sense (the trend one) was dead on with their spring 2012 color forecast….

Happy Coloring,


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