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I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a bit…and the Grammy’s were my tip off. I am going to ask the women of the world, and their hair stylists, one favor. Color those roots.

I get it…ombre…chateuse….faux roots….fade out….sun kissed ends…they were all oh so in for the last 2 years. They started subtle, a sun kiss after summer glow, then they evolved into near black roots and yellow blond ends. It has gone a bit far. Now, all is fair in the world of beauty and fashion…but “all” also has an expiration date. So, unless you really did just spend 3 months surfing in costa rica and now have beach bum hair….please color your roots. This is no judgement call, I did many a teasy light in my salon…and rocked versions of it myself for the last two years…but I think we can all take a few pointers from (in my opinion) two of the most fashion forward lovely ladies of the grammys, Adele and believe it or not Kelly Osbourn.

Ok. Let me explain. First of all both ladies decided to leave behind the simple pony tail which seemed to be a theme of the night (again) and go for a coifed down do matched with beautifully defined eyes, a classic winner in my book. The ladies also went for beautiful floor length gowns in classic colors with a touch of sparkle and an overall late 50’s & 60’s essence. MOST importantly though, Adele and Kelly had their ends trimmed and roots done to perfection with a beautiful even all over color and played up the idea of tonality! While Adele opted for a golden saffron velvet hue Kelly went for the complete opposite (literally) with a icy lavender steel. Soft color changes like these can be achieved with any temporary or semipermanent professional hair color when you already have a fantastic even base underneath (solid or dimentional). The best part about these color looks is that you can think of them as a manicure…and change your hairs tonaility as often as you change your nail polish! Make sure to get these looks done at your hairstylist to ensure the tone isnot permanent under a temporary label. I suggest playing at your local Paul Mitchell salon which offers a variety of possibilities from vegetable based temporary dyes to soy protein based demi permanents to a million THE Color combinations which can be used as semi, demi, or permanent if you love the look!

As for me? I am ditching my ombre this week! Going for a permanent all-over lighter icy blonde with some lavender accents all with Paul Mitchell products. So…before spring gets here how about we do a little houskeeping and book a color appointment? No one wants to welcome the sun with 6 inches of dark roots. . .

To find the Paul Mitchell Salon closest to you…www.paulmitchell.com

Looking forward to seeing some polished hair….bacini,