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Now, everyone loves braids. Or, at least…right now everyone does. (yes I know I should not start sentences with “or, and, but…etc”) I do however have a few images from a look book a got to play on last year for inappropriate Clothing…yep….thats the brand not the style :).

The amazing MUA Pavy and I got to work on the beautiful Jolene. Not only was her face a perfect canvas but so was her hair! I decided to interweave a few fishtail plaits to create a wave/curl pattern without heat curling her hair. The collection played a lot with the 1970’s style…we dabbled with many headbands and headpieces. Texture was the name of the game for this shoot!

Here is one of my favorite images, this was one of our first shots!. Jolenes natural texture accentuated with a cocktail of Fast Form and Round Trip by Paul Mitchell and a diffuser made for a perfect foundation!

As the shoot evolved so did Jolenes look, I decided to accentuate the texture by giving it a “dreaded” look. I used  Paul Mitchells worked up and sprayed it into our hand loosening and working the braid into the right shape!.

Well. The “inappropriate” look book was filled with about 20 other amazing images of Jolene but these are my personal favorites. I love being able to reminisce about past favorite shoots of mine. This crew in particular was one of my FAVORITES in L.A. and I hope I can shoot with them again soon!.

Photography: Siouxzen Kang

Clothing: inappropriate Clothing

Wardrobe Styling: Toni Ferrara

Make-up Artist: Pavy

Hair: yours truly, Nicoletta Gauci

Model: Jolene Rust

AMAZING Vegetarian Catering: Rasa Foods