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I have not one single complaint about this look.

For your hair how to?

1- Blow Dry your hair with your fingers using a sea type spray like Paul Mitchells Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray. Control volume by blowing with hair growth direction for less volume and against it for more volume. If hair is dry use a silicone based serum to condition locks and speed up drying time like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny.

2- Divide your hair into 6 none perfect sections. Spray section with a working spray like Paul Mitchells worked up and wrap the whole section around the your curling iron. Each time the hair makes a complete wrap around the iron it creates a c-shape (wave/indent). Use this information to help you pic the right iron size for your hair length. Leave your ends out!

3- Run your smoothing iron over your ends to polish them a bit if needed.

4- Section hair from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch and pin pack. Then use a powder based Dry Shampoo or if blonde baby powder to create an even more lived in slightly fluffy texture  by smushing the product into the mid-shaft of your hair.

I rocked a similar look last summer done this way…ignore the funny face….or don’t…

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