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Now, I totally understand that we do not go to the gym dolled up like toddlers in tiaras (even though sometimes so go-go juice is needed) and trust me I am not one to be overly concerned about my appearance while at the gym. I am there to sweat. However I have noticed that women tend to use their hair and or skin as an excuse not to go to the gym or that women that are often at the gym rock an everlasting pony tail and no make-up base even outside the gym, both wrongwrongwrong. (Unless your life is fitness and then…well fantastic.)

No one asked me to write this, but consider it a PSA for the women of the world.

Okay, so to repeat, we are at the gym to sweatsweatsweat and burn off those beers and nachos, or wine and cheese if you are the classy type. Now considering this we, hopefully, all also have jobs or at least a general life outside of the gym which means that we have to look presentable before and after our gym time. In 3 entries I have highlighted a) what to pack in your gym bag according to hair type…. b) hair tips and tricks according to the type of workout you are about to dominate and c) the make-up pieces every girl should keep in her gym bag at all times. (not necessarily in that order, apparently)

Make-under musts:

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Tinted moisturizer – because there is no need to look completely haggard, we are there to make ourselves look good and no one says we can’t look good doing it. This one I purchased from target, Boots No 7 Soft and Sheer and gives great coverage and skin tone. I have tried the pricier brands, but for something I only use for the gym or days at the beach…this is perfect. It has spf 15, is hyp0-allergenic and you can dilute it with your regular moisturizer for even less coverage if you want!

Concealer – because sometimes that giant zit on your chin makes you not want to stair at yourself in the mirror while working out. Time Balm has a concealer called, well… the Balm that is amazing and Vitamin E based..SO natural and meshes right into your skin! So, cover it up, keep calm and carry on…

Chapstick – general dehydration from working out and if your lips get dry it is already too late, and there is no need to be red-faced, sweaty and have chapped lips. I love Rosebud Salve because it gives a nice gloss and is SUPER effective…it can also sub as a primer in certain problem areas!

Water-proof maschera – Now, I do not roll this way because I usually sauna after my workout, but some ladies can not live without a little maschera…in that case either use clear to give your lashes a bump up or use a good waterproof brand…because no maschera is better than racoon eyes. My DiorShow suggestion is simply because it is generally my favorite maschera second to Maybelline’s classic pink tube green top(which is not waterproof in any way shape or form). The price point is higher however here in europe even Cover Girl is expensive so at that point I prefer Dior for mascara.

Make-up wipes – if you go to the gym after work, take off your make-up before working out…if you go before work cleanse your face well before applying your “face”. Cakey messes are never good. I love Boots No 7 Wipes because they are just wet enough without feeling soapy and they remove everything…plus they have the resealable package so they don’t dry up.

Final Note: Please, please let me not see you at the gym with full on lipliner, lipstick, winged black eyeliner and facial contouring. Please.

Bacini and good workout!