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Now that you all have your make-up bag set….it is time to get your hair bag ready so that your body isn’t the only thing people are looking at when you leave the gym!

Packing a hair friendly gym bag:

Note: if your gym does not supply it keep a travel dryer with you!

Naturally curly hair:

of varying degrees…

Lucky duck! You have the best type of gym hair! No need to wash every day if you rock your hair natural but even if you want to just pack with you a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo and Treatment pictured above) and a style product with hold and moisture (Paul Mitchells Fast Form pictured above). The key to curly hair is to balance the moisture and the hold. Diffuse your hair after your workout and boom done! If you prefer your hair straight this is where it gets tricky, try to plan out workouts so you bulk your cardio togeather while you rock your natural curls and then your toning while your hair is smooth and pin in back with a head band fixed into place with bobbies so you do not get creases!

Naturally wavy hair:

of varying density….

This hair type takes to creases very easily. My suggestion is to take a few extra minutes before your workout to place it in a “sock bun”  (premade sock bun gadget above) or a twisted messy bun on top of your head and then loosening up the root area with your fingers. The position of the knot will determine how much movement and lift you get after your workout. This way you do not have to wash your hair after and have a good wavy base without a super flat root for a finished style. Add a little dry shampoo to the root (like Rene Furterer spray dry shampoo), and a dry oil to the ends (like Paul Mitchells Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil) and maybe touch up a few strands with a curling iron. For the washing days (1-2 times a week) use a clarifying shampoo and a rich conditioner leaving it in place for a few minutes as a mini treatment.

Naturally straight fine hair:

“basically” straight…

With this hair type you run the risk of having to wash your hair after each workout. Why? well the hair is skinnier and so soaks up the oil and sweat from our scalp and shows it to the world meaning that rocking gym hair with a few touchups is near impossible. When washing try to alternate shampoos going from a color protect one if you have colored hair or moisture if you have your nautral hair color to one for body and lift, ALWAYS using the conditioner. When stying attempt to air dry without overly heat styling at least 50% of the time. If you do have to blowout or use heat tools on your hair make sure to get a good heat protecter (Paul Mitchell’s Heat Seal and Hot off the Press pictured above) to style your hair with so you do not damage your locks.

Naturally thick course hair:

of varying textures…

Such a blessing and a curse, trust me I know as this is my hair. The blessing is that with the right products and tools your hair can look and even SMELL amazing after a week of gyming it…no washing needed. The curse is the amount of stuff you have to lug to the gym. My hair is naturally thick, course and wavy. I diffuse after my workout on high heat-low air to dry up any moisture. I usually work out monday-friday so I do this after each workout with ALOT of oil or silicone based serum (Paul Mitchells Super Skinny) and work a powder based dry shampoo (Alterna’s is my personal fav) into my scalp BEFORE working out to soak up oil. On Fridays I usually bring the whole shabang to the gym, round brush, smoothing iron, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, products…or I do my hair at home if I do not feel like lugging! However sometimes you have to and in that case I have my persona favorite combo of a strong clarifying shampoo (Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo 3) fooled by the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Line (Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, Cream Rinse, Treatment Oil, Hydromist Blowout Spray) follwed by a round brush blow out and a curling iron!

Paul MitchellAlterna Rene Furterer

All images pictured are taken from my beauty book, minus the last one 😉 .

Happy Sweating!