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So, we all remember my post about dreamboarding right? of course we do.

Dream boarding and story boarding are not all that different. You are setting a direction and a rotation of movements, ideas and actions which will (ideally) result in a specific reaction and result. In dream boarding you are communicating to the universe your intentions and in story boarding you are communicating your desires to other people. In both you are using words, images and colors and you are creating a realm in and of itself. A mini universe where all of those ideas coexist and their realization is possible.

When we made our dream board we organized it into important categories with a central concept, we do the same with a storyboard.

What are we trying to manifest, or in this case create?

What components lead to this “desired end result”?

These questions make up both our story boarding process and our reason for creating story boards.  A moment to gather our own ideas and inspirations and share them with other people in a clear and concise manner.

I personally collect endless images for inspiration. From lighting, to hair, to a painting and everything in between. On occasion something will click and I will compile these images and start story boarding. The person “directing” the shoot is typically the one who will create the storyboard and will give you your queue according to your role on set. For a photo shoot the usual categories are lighting, make-up, hair, wardrobe, poses, location. This process can also be a creative collaboration between the artistic team pulling together various ideas which connect to a focal point. It is also super important to remember that a storyboard is a guideline, not a rule book…things will evolve and change and we should allow for that growing space!


I have decided to take you guys on a story boarding process with me from start (todays entry) to finish (the edited and published photo shoot). First step is finding your inspiration…here are my two inspiration images…

Mela Koehler

Yoshiro Tachibana

In the next entry we will talk about what about a singular image inspires us and how we take bits and pieces from that and turn it into a story!

Have fun hunting for inspiration!