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Ciao belle…e belli! Another installment in the gym hair series!

To wash or not to wash:

I never suggest washing your hair on a daily basis, however if your roots can’t get a lift….if your ends look like hay…. or if you can slick your hair into a perfect pony no products-no problem…either rock the pony (you have a 24 hour max) or wash your hair. The right products will keep your locks happy and healthy! There are ways we can save our self from damaged gym hair and constant watching…below are a few…

So! No excuses..it is spring! Instead of crash dieting come mid may…how about we start now?

Cardio workout:

Go for a top bun. A pony will always give you ONE crease…at least a top bun will give you waves and movement all over. If your hair is above your shoulders just rock it down or use a cloth headband fixed into place by creating an X with two bobby pins on either side of your head, keep your hair in its usual part. This keeps your head band in place, does not give you creases and no funny whirls in your fringe area.

Resistance training:

Low loose pony or loose side braid is fine to avoid creases during a resistance based workout. A fixed headband (look above) can also do the trick.

Booty shaking:

Now this is a matter of opinion…but if I am going to booty shake for my workout…I kind of want to look sassy…and am probably going to wear my hair down. I suggest a clip for cardio dance classes so you can feel cute but pin up your hair when it gets to be to much…all the while keeping it free flowing without creases. Warning: if you did it right you will leave the class with sex hair.

Post Gym Sauna:

Still working on this one, however….

Paul Mitchells Super Charged Moisturizer

Steamy Sauna = swim cap leads to you looking like a conehead but our hair stays dry, otherwise I suggest using that heat to your advantage and loading your hair with a no scent mask or oil (no scent to fool the sauna rules) and preparing to shower after!

Paul Mitchells scultpting foam, Paul Mitchells Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

Dry Sauna = go in after shampooing with a sculpting foam and sea spray in your hair and either braid it or scrunch to get an awesome texture.


Paul Mitchells Color Locking Spray, Speedo Silicone Swim Cap, Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three

PLEASE wear a swim cap, chlorine is no joke on your hair. Us blondes know this all too well … however it affects the color retention of your hair as well as its porosity. If water seeps under your swim cap every time anyways forcing you to wash your hair..wet your hair with normal water before going under and spray on a color locking spray…conditioner will make your cap slip! Follow up a week of pool action with a clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner!

Have a great workout!