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…or a thousand other images that surround it like a spider web….

When we see something that inspires us something within us clicks. It stirs a certain emotion. However, figuring out what it is that “hits home” is a whole other story. Often the inspiration is not a “mirror image” situation but a feeling, an intuition, a color palate…etcetc.

In my first entry about story boarding I showed you two images that inspired me from two different artists both with similar influences on their final works.

So…what is it about these images that I like? Well when I narrowed it down it came to…

the exaggerated nature backgrounds

the contrast between the female focal point’s hair and said backgrounds

the accent colors used in the make-up and wardrobe

Lastly, I also like the smokey “flat” quality of the images despite all of the strong colors used and that both women have extremely exaggerated large eyes. So now that I narrowed that down I can decide if I can create a whole story from this inspiration…

This breakdown is something I learned in college when we had to come up with 4 collections a year in both my textiles course and my fashion design course. You start to search for inspiration in everything and find it in nothing. Eventually however you figure it out whether that means imposing an idea on an existing inspiration or visa versa. My first raw “story boards” in college took up entire Utrecht bristol notebooks before they made their way onto a poster board.

Now they take up folders on my desktop 🙂

So while I start collecting how about you all start breaking down your inspiration images! Check back in soon for my entry on different story boarding mediums and where to start with finding examples to aid in communication thanks to an ask from follower Marissa!