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To end out my gym hair series I want to introduce you guys to some fantastic girls I came across thanks to my secret 30:30 group of international friends.

To clarify, back in September I started a 30:30 yoga event with a few friends who are currently scattered around the world…literally. Well, when that event ended we decided to make it a group, lets call it a 365:365 (we didn’t, but lets). We post nearly daily and keep tabs on each other and make 30 day adjustments to our lifestyles according to our needs and wants (I once learned that a 30 day commitment or adjustment is the best way to both try something new and get used to a new habit). These shifts can be fitness, health, work, relationship, beauty…whatever…the important thing is you have a group of “bitch buddies” to come vent to and who also supports you. Through this group I came across the Tone It Up youtube channel which was posting awesome videos! Did I ever commit and do them…no. Well, as time passed I kept coming across the ladies from tone it up, and then January 1st hit and they posted a New Years Challenge…and we all know how much I LOVE a challenge. Well on came the viral tonsilitis and there went my desire to burpee my way to a “Bikini Body”.

So what changed? Well, a combination of changing cities and changing schedules and finding a fantastic gym and getting a new ipod shuffle! I am all about loving your body as is, but I am also all about feeling confident in that skin and being healthy. Does this mean looking like a VS model? NO. It means feeling happy in your own body and confident…and loving your shape and how you are made! Also, it means living a long healthy happy life!

Since mid feb I have been back on the fitness grind and loving every second of it, okay well not every second…but, like, a majority of said seconds. Simultaneously the Tone It Up girls partnered with Self Magazine for one of those standard “drop ten” articles…or so I thought. As I read more into it and into the girls I realize how amazing they are. The workouts are practical and meant to create lean muscles, yes even if you are shorter with an athletic build or taller and leaner…just look at the two girls! Not only that but they a) are not telling you will be fit in 10 days and b) they are not telling you to work out every day non stop. They also give you food guidance NOT based on cutting out amazing things like fruit and natural sugars…but based on teaching your body to like REAL WHOLE superfoods and teaching you to EAT…like really EAT and allow yourself happy calories. Basically they guide you to make better choices, the right choices…when often you may think you already are.

I like these girls because they are positive and real and silly. They choose natural products and love their dogs and clearly do not need my gym hair/make-up advice 🙂 . . .plus look at Katrina’s results!




Well, if you are all looking for some pre-bikini guidance self.com will let you sign up and train with these girls totally free for their drop ten challenge. You can track your workouts and even your calories and they have healthy tips for women on the go as well. Then you can follow along with the girls on their blog and website, or facebook and twitter … each month they post a calendar of workouts! They also have personalized nutrition plans you can purchase if you choose to go that route…otherwise the rest is totally free…kind of like this awesome toning workout I will be doing Saturday…

click here because it refuses to let me imbed the video :/

Also thinking about going for the 7 day slim down right before my 25th birthday on the 10th! (april 2nd-april 9th). Here is to hoping that this and my other Gym beauty entires have you as ready for beach season as I am!

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