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My yoga practice has become very important to me since my life was put on fast forward. Between 2010 in Los Angeles and 2011 here in Italy (now also 2012)  yoga has rewarded me with many gifts. This last year in particular has taught me what my yoga practice is and is not and what it should and should not be, reflecting all the while my life experiences. The yoga culture here in Italy is small but growing. During that phase there are many misperceptions but with those holes yogis, like i like to consider myself to be, are given an opportunity to delve into the meaning of their practice and find a new love for it with out all the bells and whistles of a Los Angeles yoga culture. Here are my favorite yoga lessons I have learned. Below is the picture that inspired this entry and it links to another yoga blog with a fantastic video for you all to watch.,,

Yoga is a lifestyle, not a workout.

Yoga is not about cute sweatpants that flatter your backside and Kombucha on tap. Those are just added bonuses.

You do not need to have a yoga studio, but having a yoga community is a blessing.

Music and fancy mats and gadgets are not necessary elements or expenses…your body, your breath and your mind are all you need to practice yoga.

If you are not opening yourself up to the universe, your body will not open up to yoga. If you are not balancing your life, you will often not be able to balance in yoga.

Yoga is not a competition with anyone or anything other that your own mind.

In any city, in any language, yoga is always yoga.

Travelling to an ashram in India does not make you a better yogi. Learning to zone out and meditate amongst chaos, probably does.

Every lesson learned in yoga can be applied in your daily life. From taking it too far, to learning to breathe, to creating enough energy within you to take your practice to the next level.


Despite my being able to fit into you carry on…my practice is for me, not for your yoga girl ambitions.