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So excited! Alright, so maybe we have different ideas of what constitutes an awesome birthday present however I usually like to purchase a few for myself (this year: 3 month gym membership at a fancy gym, a dress and….) and one of them was new fancy pants business cards. I knew right away where I wanted to go…so I picked my favorite images (as of march 2012) and ordered away from Moo! I not only got the regular size but also the mini’s which are GREAT space and kilo savers when I am travelling and take up NO space in a clutch. Their prices are completely reasonable as well as their shipping (for u.s. customers make sure to switch the currency so it doesnt look TOOOO good to be true!). They ship super speady (living in Italy I had it sent with registered DSL). I left my phone number blank with a fill in line on my cards. Working internationally I find email easiest, but I also have 3 numbers…which are only active while I am in said country…this way the card is always “local”. Click on the images below to be re-routed to the moo.com website to order yours!


P.s. I had NO idea moo worked on referrals before ordering…I loved their cards from seeing them around in the industry…you can print up to 50 different images in each order and they have many things other than b-cards as well…I would love if you used my referral link for your purchase! Thank you 🙂

P.P.S….has anyone checked out the PICASA image editor update….coming from a photoshop incapable lady without access to Instagram…I AM LOVING IT.

Bacini and happy online shopping!