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So. I know, I know. I have been M.I.A since circa my 25th birthday….but….I needed to gather some thoughts and gear up for some fantastic posts for you guys. Sometimes we have to work through the blocks…and sometimes we need a rest to come back in full force. Think of it as a recovery week.

In the next few weeks we will … finish out the story boarding series, start a new gym series, share a few behind the scenes sneak peaks, debut some new work AND start a new dittle (1st time) that was inspired TODAY…

What is this new little dittle (2nd time) you ask?

(as if you haven’t already scrolled down to look at the picture)

Drum roll please. brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr.

Outfit of the week(ish)!


So a fantastic lady named Paula Peralta...a hairstylist based in L.A. with a cuteums blog…posted a fancy pants instagram of these FAB …well…pants. I stared for a good 30 seconds until I realized I was wearing near identical ones which I had purchased that day! International fashion telepathy? Maybe. But who could deny the amazingness of these pants….not an ex textile major THATS for sure. This beyond made me want to put these pants bank on today and make a faux instagram of my own (Picasa style). I went into town to pull some accesories for a shoot next week from a local Genovese Artisan (Laura Sciunnach Bijoux) and decided to get gelatoooooo from the bestest place…GROM…which uses local ingredients AND has vegan options AND has a real “Dark Chocolate” made with water!

So as I am taking this picture, I get stopped and asked I would mind having my picture taken for a fashion blog. ::put down the gelato and pretend you weren’t taking a tourist style picture:: This got me to thinking…if I am going to have so many clothes…I may as well share them…especially if someone else is going to anyways. Plus I secretly always wanted to be one of those people you see on the street taking pictures for a blog outfit post…as opposed to taking pictures of ice cream….

disclaimer: most people do daily outfits..I simple do not dress that adorable every day…so we are going with weekly(ish).