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I have to admit then during my stint as an egocentric and temperamental art school student I realize that I adored everything about the idea of “Mixed Media”. Mixed Media is a term referring to using different mediums within one work of art. Simple example – pastels and water colors and gauche in one painting. Be it my lack of funds or the looming of my future “green” habits I adored taking the “leftovers”, the “scraps” and creating a final product.

This however is not what this entry is about. Sorry.

This entry is part of the storyboarding series and the response to a question I was asked by fellow Paul Mitchell Alumn (and one of my former future professionals) Marissa Rodriguez.

What are the best and most common used mediums for storyboarding?

Well, easily put….you can do as you please…there are however a few different “schools” of thought.

Old School

Magazines/Printer/Scissors and Glue

Not sure about you all but I have BINDERS full of inspiration images from the last…………(I’m thinking)…….7 years. Many I had to leave behind in the states but many (many) I have collected from endless issues of international fashion and arts magazines here in europe. I know, I know magazines are not “green” and I know that I can find most of these editorials online…but…there is NOTHING like flipping though a magazine when you do not speak the language it is printed in and feeling transported to a different place through images. The only thing better is doing so while snuggled on a couch with your favorite beverage or laying in the sun…and then tearing out those pages that make your heart beat raise for a split second and hiding them away like a secret.

Sorry…I got carried away…

Upside? Taking these images to meetings with you when you are putting together a shoot…or even having some go to images with you when you arrive on a new set is always a good idea. We as artists are very visual and this is a great way to communicate… better yet it travels well, requires no charging, no WiFi, and is “user-friendly”.

Downside? Can be difficult to share when in person meetings are not possible…images can also be easily be lost and ruined…also…SPACE.

New school


My Boards

Pinterest is the same idea…simply greener and more technologically friendly. On Pinterest you can name your boards and edit their “privacy”. This means you can share your boards with your crew and even add notes under the images to specify what you like from the images or even organize the separate images into “Boards” according to their appeal. Example: “lighting” “make-up” etcetc. You can continue updating your board and have your crew check it as the “pre – shooting” develops.

You can then do a screen shot of your boards and print them out as your story board to keep on set.

Lately I have been using my boards to show hair ideas to photographers beyond what is currently being seen in fashion magazines. I often get asked “what do you need in your book” or “what has been inspiring you”…this is a fast and easy way to show them what I am all about!

Elementary School


So some of us want to be green….and some of us are mildly technologically … impaired? I use paint when I am creating a story board from scratch so I can lay it out how I like.

Paint is pretty easy…start by saving images on your computer (I like to organize them in files according to theme like my Pinterest Boards). Then open a blank paint document and start copying and pasting in the images you like from another Paint window. Crop the image as you like, place them in an order. .. even paste in the potential models picture near the “look”. Label your boards and use key words and indicators to show what you like.

These Jpegs are super easy to Pin onto pinterest…print out…email…bring to meetings…show on an IPAD…

PLUS if you have a ton of magazine tear outs for inspiration…you can always scan them….

Back to School

Photoshop and/or HTML

 This little ditty I can’t give you much advice on…however I do notice that when the art director is a photographer I usually receive storyboards in the form of Photoshop collages or html pages.  For the tech-savy..I say go for it!

Tonight I am putting together a story board for the shoot inspiration I was using as an example in the previous entries. Once finished I will post for you to see!

Bacini & Happy Storyboarding,