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I write this entry as I sit with a bum right foot and LOTS of time to blog. Let me start by saying…if I had been a “healthy beauty/fashion industry professional” over the last year…I most likely would not have the difficulties I have had from my new “regimen”. Sometimes we get so caught up in making other people and the world more beautiful that we forget about the basics and neglect our own bodies…

So over the next couple of “gym-ish” oriented beauty entires let’s go over a few “facts” about the beauty and fashion industry…I put that in quotations because they are not facts across the board but a great percentage of us industry professional share these similarities. Each of these topics could have many “solutions” however as the entries unfold you will see that each of us needs to be well-rounded and knowledgable to combat the challenges of our day to day.

We are on our feet….always.

As hair stylist whether at a salon or on set you are constantly on your feet. Other than generally being tired…why is this such a bad thing? Well, lack of circulation in your legs can cause both “spider veins” in the future as well as water retention and increased cellulite in the present. How is standing avoidable? It is not! How can we help? By moving! Interval training (playing with your heart rate) can get circulation going…30 min including a warm up every day is perfect. I know what you are thinking…”she is saying that after 14 hrs on set or after a Saturday in the salon I am supposed to go running?” Nope. Do it in the morning to start-up your energy or take a rest day from working out and increase your circulation by have two buckets of water one with hot water (filled with sea salt to diminish water retention) and one with cold water (add mint and cucumber for extra cooling effect) Move legs back and forth between buckets until the hot water reached room temp!

For some AWESOME interval workouts that are NEVER longer than 40 min check out the girls at Tone it Up. No excuses! If you have bad knees get on the elliptical and up your resistance…if you have bad ankles get on the bike…if your heart rate is an issue get on the stairmaster…if you have joint and back issues get in a pool! One of my favorites is after a 5 min warm up going full force for 60 seconds and then taking it easy for 90 for 10 rounds…thats 30 minutes!

I am by no means in perfect shape. It takes me 70 minutes to jog a 10k now, but two months ago it would have taken me 2 hrs. I wish I would have started putting as much effort as I put into my career into my health and fitness. I want to have a long career and life!

Here are some of the following entries for this series….

Shoes and, lets face it, outfits in general are not always the most comfortable and/or practical (but we look fabulous).

Meals on the go much?

Meetings at restaurants, bars, cafe’s.

“Hurry up and wait.”

Model Issues.

4am call times

1am wrap times


Bacini and happy training,