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This would be me. Enjoying a lovely beach day in Sestri Levante, Italy. Nice, healthy spf 20 golden glow…this was right after a quick jump in the cold not quite yet summer ocean…and right before a nap to end all naps. Amazing day you say? I agree…untill I woke up 2 hours later to a slow revealing burn to end all sun burns…on only one side of my body.

My family does have a history of skin cancer…and where as 5 years ago I did not take this so seriously. I currently do not leave the house without spf 20 on my face and whatever body parts are showing. I also no longer go to the tanning beds that were my frenemys in high school. I also very rarely spend full days in the sun…but the occasional beach day does happen and I usually prepare my skin before the season starts and try not to over exagerate my sun exposure. I do like a glow so I learned to become savvy to the world of sunless tanner application. It has been about 3/4 years (by pools and beaches from mexico to california to europe) and not a single story to tell burn.

However, ISH happens. Sun burns happen to the best of us…we forget to re-apply…we buy lotion not realizing its not waterproof….we fall asleep in the sun (ahem). SO since we all know how to avoid the sun burn on a daily basis…what happens when you make a sun discovery?


Hydrate the heck out of yourself.. drink water like its your job. The quickest way to hydrate your self is also to take a bath. Do not soak in warm water which will raise your body temp…but do not give in into laying in a freezing cold tub…it will make your skin harden and increase your chance of peeling.

Tone and Soothe

Aloe, Vinegar and anything mentholated will immediately take away some redness and create a soothing sensation. Do this after you shower but before you moisturize…


This is actually different than hydrating as it refers directly to your skin. Grab the greasiest most hydrating thing around (olive oil or Nivea Cream work wonders) and lather up. Each time they soak into your skin…take another luke warm shower and start your regimin over.

Cool down

You may have a fever…or either way your body temp is up…take an Ibuprofen both for aches and potential fever. Try to wear loose cotton clothing and stay in a cool place.

Covering it up

Did you get a burn and you have to go out? Try for a foundation one level darker than your usual shade in a Cool tone (yellows and greens cancel the red and violet tones in your burn) apply with sponge using a dabbing method…in order not to cause scratches and pain. Prime under it, powder on top of it…and use a setting spray!!