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To follow up my last entry of being a happy healthy hairstylist (or beauty industry professional)…I thought I would touch on the topic of meals. Whether you are on set, in the salon, or traveling around…you are bound to be occasionally easting in a rush…at off hours…or large amounts in small times.

This is one of the KEY reasons you may struggle with energy, healthy and weight.

Eating healthy is all about balancing out the PH of your body as well as playing with how it uses the calories you provide it with.


Think of hair for a minute. When hairs PH is too high (alkaline) it means the cuticle is open and “angry” when the PH is too low it means the cuticle is sealed shut and nothing is getting in. Depending on what you are doing to the hair both ends of the scale are useful…however we prefer our hair to live right around the middle on a day to day basis. It is the exact same thing for our body. Foods and beverages can be acidic and alkaline (note, most fruits are not actually acidic once ingested…but proteins are). When we eat we need to keep in mind not to eat too many acidic foods which can cause us to feel heavy and slow us down but at the same time we can not soley eat alkaline foods which can cause us to feel bloated and constantly empty.


Going back to hair lets think of our calories as our developer when lightening. Sure, we can go in with a 40..but that will give us a burst of energy that will soon die down. Instead we can opt for a lower number and either a slightly longer processing time or a second application and achieve a constant flow of energy and a balanced result. Same thing with calories. Being that calories are energy our best bet is to divy our calories up throughout the day into smaller portions…keeping our energy flowing and our metabolism burning. This way we have no “lulls” in our day.

Types of calories

This is where quality comes in. Calories = energy however not all calories are created equal. Keeping in mind our bodies PH and our daily caloric intake becomes much easier when we remember to eat as CLEAN as possible. What does this mean? try to eat food that has passed as few people, chemicals and machines as possible before making its way to your plate. 250 calories from a bag md mcdonalds french fries and 250 calories from oven baked fries made at home? should be an easy decision. Raw wins over pre-cooked. Fish wins over meat. Organic wins over mass production. Local in season wins over imported and factory created.

A few quickie snacks

at around 300 calories or less that are easy to pack at home and head out!

(2 250 calorie  (+/- 50 calories) snacks + 3 500 (+/- 50 calories) calorie meals = 1750 – 2250 calorie diet … adjust accordingly)

greek yogurt with almonds and honey

euro grain bread with almond butter and cinnamon

hummus on rice cakes with sun dried tomatoes

spinach, pomegranite, jicama, walnut salad with tahini/lemon dressing

greek yogurt with raw garlic, cucumbers and mint leaves

Quicker Snacks

Bananas fill your stomach thanks to the potasium which also helps diminish bloating.

Apples rev up your metabolism.

Edamame … enough said.

Raw nuts divided into snack bags for portion control.



p.s. I am not a nutritionist or persona trainer…I am a hairstylist…but I have seen and spoken to my fair share and done alot of reasearch. There will always be different schools of thought on health and diets. For me it is about lifestyle and being as healthy as possible, not as thin or as muscular as possible. Feel free to do your own digging and report back!