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hello all! I miss writing and sharing with you all on a regular basis so I thought I would give you a rundown of my life at the moment which is causing a lack of posting.

…I have decided to say goodbye to modern luxuries, go live in the country side and save a big named yolanda from a bacon farm…here is my new home…

right...but really…


In the month of May I shot 15 times which usually included some travel outside of Genova…and Moretti (my HP laptop) has decided he is tired and does not like to run unless constantly plugged in….aka he does not travel well.

Trains. Cars. Planes. Boats.

Along with travel for work I am gearing up for my first true blue 100% non work related vacation in over 2 years! I leave tomorrow morning on a boat to Sardegna to road trip and camp around the island with my family! I return June 11th and leave for my U.S. tour on the 14th with a quick stop in Munich! The trip looks more or less something like this…..L.A.-Atlanta-L.A.-Atlanta-L.A.-Las Vegas-L.A.-NY-??. PHEW.


That’s right, maid of honor duties are NO joke. That is all…simply NO joke.

But Wait, There is More

Lesson planning, packing, storyboarding, list making, packing, fitness goals, possibly shopping šŸ˜‰

a.k.a life.

So if you all excuse me just a bit longer I will queue up a feast of entries from backstage and beyond sharing all my latest adventures and indulge a few how-to requests! Then I will let you all enjoy them while I tan (safely) on a deserted beach in the middle of the Mediterranean!