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stop that.

back to business.

I realized something during my marathon month of shooting and traveling….not cardio workouts are tough to make happen and make HURT (in a good way).

SO to add on to my hairdresser workout series I thought I would leave you all with a pyramid  style workouts that you can do while travelling (& working) with no access to equipment and little to no extra time.

As a disclaimer: these are workouts I used when on the road, I am not a personal trainer or any of that jazz but I can share what I have learned in my new fitness venture!


a pyramid workout lays a strong foundation with a max number or reps and then gradually diminishes within each circuit. This pyramid covers all main muscle groups and can double up as an interval workout (with higher intensity and  an interval timer, for cardio purposes). At the end of this workout you will have done 55 reps of each move totaling 330 motions. The moves are “easy” but they do the trick.

start with 10 reps of each excercise to complete one circuit, then move your way back through with 9 then 8 then 7 etc until you do 1 rep of each excercise in your last circuit.

Deep Squats-

keep your feet hip distance apart and squat down like you are about to sit down. make sure not to let your knees pass your toes and keep your hands clasped at your chest

Push Ups with Jumping Jacks-

get in plank position, roll weight into arms and jump legs in and out for 3 counts (like a jumping jack) follow with one push up (knees down OK) for one rep

Tricep Dips-

use a chair or bench and sit down on the edge, place your hands on either wide of your hips for support and your feet firmly on the ground with your legs bent 90*. lift your booty off the bench and use your arms to lower you and lift you back up for one rep. make sure to keep your elbows in! also, the further out your feet….the harder!

Side to Side Pike Jumps-

get into plank position and roll body weight into your arms. use your core to jump your feet next to your right hand, then jump back pausing for one breath and repeating on the left side for one rep.

Lower Core Lifts-

lay on back with hands under lower back (or sit on the edge of a bench using hand for support). lift legs to 90* from your back to create an L shape. lower them as far as possible without curving back and life back up for one rep

to increase intensity to any move try adding an element of “balance” or “stability” which immediately interacts your core causing you to work harder!

Happy sweating AND stretching!