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“The modern picture of the artist began to form: The poor, but free spirit, plebeian but aspiring only to be classless, to cut himself forever free from the bonds of the greedy bourgeoisie, to be whatever the fat burghers feared most, to cross the line wherever they drew it, to look at the world in a way they couldn’t see, to be high, live low, stay young forever — in short, to be the bohemian.”
Thomas Wolfe

We create art to fulfill ourselves and in doing that we can magically fill gaps in the universe. When ones art is ones life is ones career…does the art necessarily loose meaning when it becomes a form of currency? Or does the art itself now become more powerful that the artist and allow them to transcend language and cultures and the same currencies many creatives feel bind them? Why do we consider some of the greatest artists ones who received no praise or profit while breathing but only after their art lived for them? We live in a beautiful time for artists and for independents, learn from the future not from the past.

We have been given the opportunity to do away with preconceived notions of artists and grow with our art instead of being left behind. Artists make what others will eventually not be able to live without, create things that must be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted. Surround yourself with nurturers. Walk past buildings and immagine the architect who dreamt of that exterior before they were ever given the oppotunity to design it – remember it 5 years later and realize the power of 1 single creation.

To create art for art…is easy, to create art for a client…is tricky, but to create art for ourselves…that is the struggle a creative has to face and that is what makes us keep going.

Go create art for you,