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Remember our story boarding series where we went over getting inspired, pulling from the inspiration and how to create a storyboard? Well an important ste to creating that storyboard is to find imagery that accompanys our inspiration and develop the story we want to tell. Image of possible hair, make-up and wardrobe looks..not to mention lighting and model poses…all help get the team on the same page and set you up for success.

The original drawings inspired me from a general stylistic point of view and I wanted to expand on that. While flipping through my 10 kilo inspiration file and my whoknowshowmany mb inspiration folder as well as trendhunter and other helping websites I more or less came up with…

This image as my main “real life” inspiration image. I like the business of her wardrobe and the portrait like quality not to mention the makeup. The hair is a nice twist on the colorful locks we wee everywhere. Messy and a little grundge but in enough in harmony with the colors around them.

I love these images from an editorial in Numero Magazine for their styling and started opting for an overload of bijoux ethnic jewlery instead of vintage frocks to create a different vibe and to evolve the inspiration images. I also loved that her hair was untamed and that her poses were slightly more agressive.

next came some amazing make-up sketches by the MUA who joined in on our inspiration board 🙂 Anna Olivieri.

we paired up with Laura Sciunnach Bijoux to make our tribal styling come to life and began to add images of their collections to our story board to help evolve our looks.

Our story evolved and our fotographer began to play with ideas of colored gel lights, blur effects and a darker setting like the one above.

So, as you can see, an original inpsiration does not have to lead to a carbon copy reproduction. We simply take hints of things that inspire us and then use a story board to communicate where that inspiration comes from and how it evolved for us. Then the amazing aspect of collaboration comes in and we see the story develop into something new!

Next week I will show you all some backstage images form the shoot and a cute video that was put togeather!