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June and July, in my opinion, are the most amazing months to be in Genova, Italy. Driving down the coast with the smell of the mediterranean (definently saltier than the pacific ocean). Walking down the streets in the morning to reach the beach in wedges and linen smelling the fresh-baked foccacia bread and the fruit freshly picked sitting at the markets. Vespas wiping by with teenagers with tight-light jeans and perfect tans leaving behind the smell of petrol and camel lights. Eating gelato for lunch and learning how to walk on rock pebble beaches while looking like Bambi. Watching topless 70 year old women in full confidence and learning their sunning routine (dip in the ocean, tan to dry, cold shower, tan to dry, sun cream, resist the heat, start over). Having no perception of time other than that given to you by the church bells. Hearing “CHE BONAAA” coming from a group of men dressed in white linen drinking wine like water on your walk back home to nap in the house you kept boarded up all day hoping to keep in the cool air. Heading out for an aperitivo “al solito post” just knowing everyone will be there, no calls necessary. Later than night you walk around in the balmy heat and if it wasnt for the sun taking a break you could swear it was still day time. You dance at a discoteca on the beach and now the air smells like sun tan lotion, salt, prosecco. The same songs play that you hear your family reminiscing about from the 60’s and 70’s, things here tend to stay the same…time tends to stand still. At home you sleep with the window open with no bed sheets searching for the cool spot until the sun rises and it becomes simpler to start over again and sleep on the beach….


This is the Italy I always remembered and will always love. Early summer in Genova is nothing short of magical.