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“You are your own master,
you make your future.
Therefore discipline yourself
as a horse-dealer trains a thoroughbred.”

– Buddha

So I realize that I have been gone for quite a bit however when you hear why I am sure you will not blame me! I have had the opportunity to team up with an amazing project that will put the beauty and fashion industry on its tip toes with the anticipation of perfection called The Mastery.

To quote the Masters themselves…

“A first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive master academy and five-star salon. beauty, fashion, art, business under one roof. Ivy league advanced education in beauty artistry and salon business management designed and delivered by master artisans of beauty and of business. if beauty is your passion and if you desire to take your game to an elite level of achievement then the mastery is crafted just for you. This is the place where future “masters” are made.” – themasteryatl.com

I feel truly blessed to have been asked to come and participate in something that I feel truly exemplifies what our industry can be, should be and was meant to be. The Mastery’s beauty program is lead by Lucie Doughty and the business side is lead by Arlene Lyons. Over the last few weeks I aided in The Mastery’s grand opening withThe Mastery’s Design Leader Jamie Anderberry and of course co-owner and creative director Lucie Doughty – who is also the Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell – Lucie is not only my mentor but where I got my own personal master training directly from at the beginning of my career. The event was covered not only by local press but also featured by Modern Salon…did I mention attendees included Robert Cromeans, John Paul Dejoria and Tabatha Coffey?

The designers are put through a rigorous 14 week course which can be best compared to a hair boot camp. Near their culmination they are presented with the task of creating a look for a shoot which will be a collective representation of the classes time at The Mastery and soon after they take the reins and come together to create a fashion show for the grand finale of their training.

Today as WordPress does its job and posts this I will be working with the first class of 7 designers to complete their training from The Mastery. wash-prep-dry-prep-curl-set-dress-repeat is our mantra for the day as we go over looks for their grand finale and nothing is stopping these 7 from achieving mastery.

Here are a few images from our grand opening and a link to Modern Salons article as well as press from Appen Newspaper and THE ATLANTAN!

A Special Thank to:

Anna Kazlouskaya for the images

Stephanie Floyd for the models make-up (and mine…and Lucies)

Nadine Ralliford for models wardrobe – www.rallifordhall.com

❤ Bacini