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Okay. I tried to avoid it…but I am loving Pinterests functionality!

not sure why I try to avoid these things…I guess I typically steer away from the bandwagon…silly.

Lately whenever I start to meet with a new industry professional who wants to collaborate and asks me “what are you interested in adding to your book?” (p.s. LOVE that question) I send over my “Food for Inspiration” board on Pinterest! You will mainly see fashion images however on occasion I throw in a quote I like because I feel like those help to understand and describe me!

Lately I have been endlessly inspired by the play between texture and structure, the late 1950’s to early 1970’s, muted pastels and/or muted jewel tones, film grain, high flash and shadow combo’s, movement. Here is a snippet from todays million pins…(rainy days are great for inspiration searching)

click on the image or here to see what inspires me

So…enough about me…I want to know what inspires you guys! Comment or send a private e-mail with a link to your pin boards…can be about hair, make-up, fashion, fitness, food, travel….anything! I would love to share all your “inspiration” pin boards in a future entry and feed all of our creativity!